Arden Primary School

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Welcome to Saplings!


Saplings is a SEN class that supports a small group of children with a range of needs including Autism, Down's Syndrome, learning difficulties, communication and interaction difficulties, social and emotional difficulties and physical and sensory needs. We believe that all our children are unique and different and require appropriate teaching strategies tailored to their distinctive abilities. Rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach, in Saplings we are more focused on differentiated teaching to meet the individual needs of our children.


The teaching staff in Saplings are Miss Beacon and her dedicated team.


Every morning we start with Dough Disco followed by English, Just Dance, Maths and IEP work (activities for Individual target).


In the afternoon, we enjoy doing Topic, Phonics, PE, Reading skills and PSHEE. We also do fine and gross motor activities, sensory activities and exciting educational visits to support the understanding.

Children work in small groups with all of the teachers in Saplings and have opportunities for 1:1 activities each day to work on individual targets. Saplings’ children learn best and enjoy learning by actively engaging in practical experiences. Our established routines help the children to be confident and independent.

We hope that you enjoy seeing the exciting things that we have been up to.

Curriculum Overview