Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity

British Values

British Values

British Values are promoted through the ethos in Arden School.



We actively promote and model democracy at Arden by:

  • getting children involved in democratic processes e.g. choosing Talk Ambassadors, class monitors, pupil representatives etc;  


  • delivering democracy linked assemblies;  


  • regularly giving out questionnaires, pupil interviews etc;  


  • teaching pupils to understanding Parliament and British Political History.


Rule of Law

We actively promote and model the rule of law by:

  • sharing the School Behaviour policy – all stakeholders are aware of the policy and it is understood and followed;


  • giving pupils regular opportunities to reflect on their learning and their behaviour during assemblies;


  • giving out parent / carers' questionnaires relating to behaviour, safety etc;


  • holding assemblies with a focus linked to the law e.g. school rules, Parliament planned into the assembly timetable;  


  • teaching anti-bullying, E Safety and the law.


Individual Liberty

We actively promote and model individual liberty by:

  • supporting individuals to develop their self-esteem, self-knowledge and self-confidence;


  • encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour, as well as knowing their rights;


  • challenge stereotypes;


  • implement a strong anti-bullying culture.



Respect and Tolerance

We actively promote and model respect and tolerance by:


  • modelling positive behaviour;


  • engaging pupils in purposeful and positive play activities with others;


  • demonstrating the similarities and celebrating the differences;


  • PSHEE lessons and assemblies;


  • creating opportunities for children to dress up in different clothes and try different foods from other cultures;


  • encouraging parents/carers to participate and support our multi-cultural events;


  • organising visits to places of worship greeting pupils in different languages;


  • organising themed Key stage/subject days and special events