Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity

Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent


Vision: Every Child, Every Opportunity – We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to flourish no matter what their background or strengths.


Here at Arden Primary, our children and community are at the heart of everything we do. Arden is a family.  Our curriculum is based around our vision, our values and our whole school drivers. We have prioritised the key skills and knowledge we want our children to experience and develop during their time with us.



Drivers: Aspiration, Community, Enquiry

 Arden is ACE!


We use our 'drivers' to underpin the learning and experiences we undertake in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched.  These key drivers are personal to our school and reflect the social and educational needs of our local area. The following key drivers underpin our learning and are developed through the school.


Community: We want our children to understand their place in the world. To understand the responsibilities towards each other. To care, love and respect the world we are in. A sense of community nurtures our children into well rounded individuals.


Aspiration: We want our children to have the hope, desire and ambition to strive to achieve something.  To be the best they can possibly be and to challenge themselves as a learner. The development of aspirations encourages children to produce work of high quality, take pride in themselves and be the very best that they can be.


Enquiry: We want our children to be eager to learn and be confident. We have a desire for our children to be curious about the world around them and ask questions. We encourage our children to be inquisitive and use questioning through their learning and school life experiences. This approach to learning enables inquisitive thinking such as exploration and investigation. This in turn nurtures problem solvers.


Values: Respect, Collaboration, Resilience, Empathy, Reflection, Aspiration


Alongside our vision and curriculum drivers, are our whole school values. All of our values link to our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning and are underpinned by Fundamental British Values. These values were chosen by both our children and staff. Our ‘Talk Ambassadors’ who represent our whole school community, helped to choose our values and these form our learning behaviors and assemblies.



School Aims


As a school….

We develop a rich and deep subject knowledge.

We develop new skills through a variety of interesting contexts.

We offer a warm and welcoming environment for the academic, social and emotional development and well-being of our children.

We develop a lifelong passion for learning and problem solving which will equip our children for a meaningful and productive future.

We nurture creativity and develop innovation, determination and teamwork amongst our children.

We develop our children’s understanding of their place in the world. To be aware of their rights, as well as their responsibilities to other people and their natural environment.

We expose our children to breadth of social and cultural experiences which enrich their outlook on the world.

We inspire our children to make a positive change to their world through compassion, collaboration and creativity.