Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity

Who's Who



The School Office Team


Mrs S Afsar – School Business Manager

Mrs Y Ali – School Administrator

Mrs S Ali - Finance Assistant

Mrs H Cassem - Receptionist

Miss S Bibi - Receptionist

Mrs S Butt - Parent Link, Medical, DSL, Friends of Arden

Mrs A Begum - Technician



Nursery Team

Miss M Bano – Nursery Lead Teacher, Art Lead

 Mrs F Hussain - Teaching Assistant, Mentoring

Miss D. Dandy – Inclusion Assistant

Mrs R Shaheen - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Bibi - Teaching Assistant



Reception Team

Mr W Ali – Year Group Leader, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs E Couldrey – Teacher, RE Lead 

Mrs F Latif-Khan – Teacher, Design & Technology Lead 

Mrs N Aamir - Teacher 

Mrs S Hamid - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Ahmed – Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Lewis – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Khatoon– Teaching Assistant




Year One Team

Mrs Z Ashraf – Year Group Leader, Teacher, Phonics Support, Spellings 

Mrs H Griffin– Teacher, Science Lead

Mrs H Preston – Teacher, Newsletters

Mrs L Petrie– Teacher, MFL Lead Teacher

Mr W Ali – Intervention Teacher, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs T Meddings – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Bi – Teaching Assistant

Miss G Kaur – Teaching Assistant

Miss S Kausar – Teaching Assistant



Year Two Team

Mrs J Begum – Year Group Leader, History Lead, Teacher

Mrs A Marway – Teacher

Mrs I Begum – Teacher

Mr W Ali – Intervention Teacher, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs N Bi - Teaching Assistant, Medical

Miss S Kausar – Teaching Assistant

Miss N Jabeen - Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Bibi – Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship


Year Three Team

Miss G Zielinska – Year Group Leader, Assistant Headteacher, DT Lead
Mr J Patel – Teacher

Mr C Bullock Teacher, PHSE, RHE, Wellbeing and Young Leaders.

Mr B Layton - Teacher

Ms L Sabanathan – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Begum - Teaching Assistant



Year 4 Team

Mrs K Lammas – Year Group Leader, Teacher, IP/SEND Folders

Mrs S Kalsoom– Teacher, Rights Respecting School Lead

Mrs M Jan - Teacher, Twitter

Mr S Whatley - Assistant Headteacher, Intervention Teacher

Mrs D Hodges – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Sajjad – Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Ahmed – Teaching Assistant, Work Experience Placement




Year 5 Team

Miss S Johnson - Year Group Leader, Teacher, Wider Curriculum

Miss C Mungovan - Teacher, Whole School Reading

Mrs A Zafar - Teacher

Mr A Banner – Assistant Headteacher, Intervention Teacher, Safeguarding

Mrs S Iqbal – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Iqbal – Teaching Assistant



Year 6 Team

Mr S Jackson – Year Group Leader, Teacher, Whole School Maths

Mrs A Kadri – Teacher, Whole School Writing

Mrs Z Khan – Teacher, ECT Mentoring

Mrs H Bibi – Teacher, Geography Lead

Mrs S Bi – HLTA, Mental Well-being

Mrs S Shah – Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Ali - Inclusions Assistant

Mrs S Parveen - Inclusions Assistant



Mrs S Bibi– EAL Teacher


The Saplings Team

 Miss E Beacon – Saplings Leader

Miss N Lewis - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Begum – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hussain – Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Parveen – Teaching Assistant

Miss D Hall - Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club

Mrs A Begum - Teaching Assistant


The Information Technology Team

Ms L Sabanathan – Computing Teacher, Virtual Learning Environment  (Online Learning)



The P.E. Team

Mrs G Owen – PE, Sports Premium, Premises/Outdoor Learning, Play/Dinnertimes

Mrs R Shaheen– Sports Coach, Outdoor Learning

Mr J Tibbits – PE/Music, Outdoor Learning




Mr P Khan – Mentor



The Catering Team

Miss J Devlin – Head Cook

Miss S Smith – Deputy Cook

Mrs M Admasu– Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Nasim – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs G Usman – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Imran – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs M Gubala – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Wilkie – Kitchen Assistant


The Lunchtime Team

Mrs L Hussain – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Y Akhtar – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T Akhtar – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Khan – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Zahoor – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Patel – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Kousar – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs R Begum – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Ali – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Begum – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Hussain – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs R Shabeer – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Hussain – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Bibi – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs H Rafiq – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Baggash – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Y Mehmood – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Z Kausar – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T Begum – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Amin – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Khan – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs A Begum – Lunchtime Supervisor & Break Time First Aider

Miss S Baig – Play Care Co-ordinator

Mrs R Bibi – Play Care Co-ordinator



The School Site Management Team

Mrs M Smart – Site Manager

Mrs J Sanders – Housekeeper

Mrs B Kaur – Cleaner

Mrs K Kaur – Cleaner

Mrs P Kaur – Cleaner

Mrs S Imran - Cleaner

Mrs A Begum - Cleaner