Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity


After School Clubs @ Arden Primary




Extra -creative clubs.


Creative Arts –  Children will get the chance to use their creative skills and imagination within a variety of topics. 


Magic –  Children will be learning a range of creative magic tricks and given the chance to practice and perform. 


Art KS2 –  To help develop their creative skills including sketching and painting. 


Calligraphy – Take your neat handwriting to the next level using special pens! 


Cooking – This club will help you to prepare and cook a variety of exciting dishes, including hot and cold meals, desserts, packed lunches and salads. 


Chess Club – Have you never heard of chess before? Have you started to learn? Are you an expert? All abilities welcome!  



Photography - Children get the opportunity to develop their photography skills by using a range of techniques to manipulate images for effect.


Origami - Children with learn the traditional Japanese paper art known as Origami where they will learn the art of folding paper to create different models. 


Music - A new club where children have the opportunity to develop their musical talents though learning songs and using percussion instruments.


Singing  - Have you got the x-factor? Children will develop their singing skills in a choir grouping.


Extra- Curricular Sports Clubs


Girls Football

A club for girls in Year 3-6. The aim of the club is to develop competence in basic football skills, knowledge and understanding of the game.  The girls attending this club will have the opportunity to represent the school in matches against other schools.


Squad Football

These sessions are aimed at selected pupils who show potential in football.  Sessions are run for both boys and girls and aim to equip them with the skills and games understanding for competition.  The school enters the Greet Mini League which provides the squad members with regular opportunities for competitive play.  Training for the squads take place before and after school on day a week.


Multi Sports 

The school run 2 multi sports clubs one for KS1 and the other for KS2.  The clubs are very popular with children who enjoy sport but would like the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports rather than focusing on the same sport each week.  The session tend to focus on small -sided games of popular team sports, but there is a chance to try new activities such as curling, boccia and team challenges.


Fun Cricket

This session is open to KS2 and is a chance for those who wish to develop their skills and interest in the sport through small sided games and fun drills and activities.  The focus is on learning and having fun and getting the children to develop their technique and understanding at their own pace.


Handball - Handball is an exciting team sport where you pass a ball with your hands to score goals against the opposing team!


Scootering - A new and exciting club that builds children's proficiency on scooters  while also having a great emphasis on road safety.


Netball -  The children will have the opportunity to learn some netball skills and techniques and hopefully put these into practice competing against another team!