Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity

Q6: What examples of provision are available at Arden for pupils with SEND?

In our school we make provision for pupils with all types of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


We know that some pupils will have difficulties in more than one area and we will always do our best to meet their needs. All children in school have support within lessons through differentiation and quality first teaching strategies. This means that activities are planned according to the level the child is working at. This can include a variety of adaptations including changes to the physical environment, changes to teaching styles as well as levels of adult support.


Members of staff have received training from the Communication and Autism Team so that we can implement practical classroom strategies and support children with social skills, organisation and communication.


We also have a sensory room that children with sensory needs access regularly with adult support.


Arden is a four-storey building. We have a lift and Evac chairs on stairwells that can be accessed by children with physical needs. Where children have a physical or medical difficulty the school ensures it provides appropriate resources. As a school we would always make adjustments to ensure that all children are fully included.


We also have a teaching assistant who supports children new to the country and with limited English to develop their understanding and use of English.