Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity

Q12: How will we involve your child in decisions about their education?

We aim to involve all children in our school in the evaluations and implementation of their own education. For children with Special Educational Needs we use a variety of strategies to support this including:

  • Person Centred Reviews.
  • Child's target review meetings.
  • Involve child in setting their own targets.
  • Self-assessment at the beginning and end of learning.
  • Having a range of equipment available for the child to choose to use.
  • Ensuring the child works with a range of different partners.
  • Ensuring the child has a designated adult to go to if they need help.
  • Talk Ambassadors.
  • Membership of the school council.
  • One page profiles.
  • Medical alert cards.
  • Communication cards.
  • Visual timetables.
  • Prompt cards to promote independence.
  • Personalised work stations.
  • Learning break.