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Young Leaders

Young Leaders


Arden’s Young Leaders are children who represent each class from Years 1 to 6, including children from our ‘Saplings’ class. They have all been selected by their peers to represent them. They are called Young Leaders because we realise how important it is for children to model to their peers how to behave as leaders, to show leadership by articulating important information and to lead by influencing school life.


Our aim is for these children to represent their classes, year groups and our school as leaders, and for them to influence school life, as well as to communicate key messages and information about matters such as;

our curriculum, our school values and school drivers, and our approach to mental health and well-being.


Each of our Young Leaders is articulate and confident, allowing them to speak with visitors to our school and to their peers, either to their classes or to the wider school community in whole school assemblies.


Being a Young Leader is a great privilege and our Young Leaders know that they must be fantastic role models who consistently demonstrate Arden’s six key school values of respect, resilience, reflection, aspiration, empathy and collaboration. As a result, our school community respects them and trusts them to fulfil their roles accurately, sensibly and with distinction.


Our ambitious aims for our Young Leaders is to help:


· Shape and deliver mental health and well-being provision to all children.

· The promotion and use of Fundamental British Values across the school.

· The promotion of Arden’s school drivers and school values.

· The promotion of our whole school curriculum

· To communicate key messages and learning points from school leaders

· To shape the teaching and learning of children in our school through relevant and timely feedback to teachers and school leaders.

· To be the focal point for children to share their views about wider school life.