Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity

Q3: What are the different types of support available for children with SEND at Arden Primary School?

  • Teachers adapt what they are teaching or the way that they are teaching to help your child to learn with the rest of the class at the appropriate level.
  • Extra support can be given in a small group by an adult to help your child to learn the things they are finding difficult.
  • Extra support can be given to your child by an adult for a short time during the day to support them to learn skills.
  • Individual targets set to help show what your child needs help with.
  • Advice from a specialist support teacher or other professional will be called upon if required.
  • Support can be tailored to a child with particular needs upon consultation with the class teacher and SENCo. This may include access to a highly differentiated and individualised curriculum in Saplings each morning to support their progress in maths and English.