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Every Body Matters (EBM)

Every Body Matters (EBM) Team


The EBM (Every Body Matters) team at Arden School is an established group of professionals with different skills and knowledge from within the staff. The team ensure that the well-being and safeguarding of all pupils, within our school community are met.


Fortnightly team meetings are held to identify, report and discuss matters of concern then prompt action is taken. Early intervention and effective protection allow our pupils to learn and progress.


The team also work closely with families, agencies and the community to support the pupils and provide guidance and advice where it is identified. This covers academic, medical, social, emotional and behavioural needs.

The Staff



Our Learning Mentor, Mr Khan, works with individuals and small groups who are facing a difficulty that stops them from learning and doing their best.


These problems can be for a range of reasons - behaviour, attitude, lack of confidence, bereavement, social skills, external issues, lack of self-control, attendance and many more. Children get skilful guidance and strategies to improve.


All of the EBM staff members are professionally trained to remove barriers to individual pupils learning, both in and out of school. They will:


  • Target help on those who most need it - those with the most or biggest barriers to learning.
  • Help raise standards and aspirations of children. Thereby helping to remove barriers to learning, eg. behaviour, achievement, etc.
  • Provide a complimentary service to existing teachers and pastoral staff in school. Including other services outside school, eg. social, youth services, education welfare service, etc.
  • Work with families in supporting their children and assisting in any outside schools aspects causing barriers to learning.
  • Support children and families through playground organisation, interpreting, home visits, mediation leading assemblies, sport support, adult learning and informal family support.


Bereavement Support for your child at Arden School


It is often difficult for adults to understand the grief of a bereaved child. Sometimes a child can feel alone and isolated if someone close to them has died. A child might even show signs of sadness, guilt or anger.


Arden Primary School offers support to children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or close family member.


If you feel that a child in your care would benefit from support, please ask at the school office to speak to Mr Khan.


Children know they can come to the Every Child Matters Team in 'The Pulse', the room that is at the heart of the school, when they need support.


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