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YouTube Video Clips

Here are some of the video clips that we have produced in school.  We hope that you enjoy them!

Covid-19 Vaccine

Please, watch our video and take your vaccine!

Arden on BBC WM

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The Arden Masked Reader!

Can you guess who it is?

Masked Reader Reveal

Did you guess correctly?

A message from us to you

Friday 5th March 2021

Arts and Craft Basketball Hoop.

Today Mr Bates gives us an idea on how to play basketball at home, safely!Equipment:- Paper- SellotapeSkills we're developing:- Aiming- Creativity- ShootingH...

Point Balances

Here Mr Tibbits shows us how we can develop our own point balances. Equipment:- Ourselves! Skills we're developing:- Balancing Have a go and let us know how you...

Bowl Catch

Here Mr Tibbits and Mr Patel show us a simple game we can play at home to develop our basic catching skills. Equipment:- Bowl- Rolled up socks

The Police are after Batesy!!!

Does PCSO Khan catch up with Batesy or does the slippery Unicef vandal escape the long arm of the law?

Have you seen Batesey? 1

Have you seen Batesey?2

Have you seen Batesey? 3

Have you seen Batesey? 4

Have you seen Batesey? 5

Making our own instruments at home

Here Mr Tibbits shows us how we can create our own instruments at home using used tins!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Arden Primary School!!