Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 and our Teachers: Mrs Lohia, Miss Choudhury, Miss Mungovan, Mr Jackson, Mrs Bi, Mrs Kouser and Mrs Shah.

We have very high expectations for our pupils in Year 6 and endeavour to exceed these. We work extremely hard, ensuring we enjoy our learning.

Throughout the year, we see the children grow and mature into responsible individuals, who are ready to tackle the demands and challenges of life at secondary school.

In Year 6, we enjoy an extensive and exciting curriculum, which allows the children to reach their full potential.

After SATs (during May and June), we go on a residential for four days and three nights, where the children take part in a whole host of fantastic activities, This is a fabulous opportunity for pupils to develop their independence in readiness for the next stage of their learning journey. This is an incredibly rewarding experience that the children will remember for many years to come.

During the year, other activities include a trip to Weston Park which deepens and broadens their understanding and knowledge of World War Two where they delve back in time for some authentic war-time experiences. Pupils in Year 6 enjoy collecting ‘credits’ to compete for a, much coveted, place on the termly Credit Trips and look forward to the grand Year 6 performance in July.

Pupils in Year 6 also have the opportunity to take part in a young enterprise challenge ‘Fiver Challenge’ where they are given £5 to get their business ideas off the ground. During the four weeks of the challenge, they plan prepare and resource their business ideas. Aiming to make as much profit as they can.

By the end of the year, our children become mature, responsible and independent young people, ready for their next step in life.

Religious Education (RE) at Arden is aimed at develops an understanding of 24 different dispositions, which embrace all religions and recognise the children’s own religious experiences.

Our Learning

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Events and Activities

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Developing reading skills.
Receiving help with our SATs.

Looking smart in war time uniforms.
Experiencing an Anderson shelter.

It's great to share our ideas.
Model painting.