Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 teachers are Mr Banner, Mrs Khan and Mr Leigh and we also lucky to have Mrs Iqbal and Mr Ahmed to work with us as well

Throughout Year 4 we are busy developing the skills that we developed in Key Stage 1 as well as in Year 3, ready for Upper Key Stage 2.

Our topics include learning about:

  • How do our bodies work?
  • What was music like when our parents were young?
  • Why did people raid Britain and then trade with us?
  • Where shall we visit in America?
  • What shall we put in our potions?

Throughout Year 4, we are always busy developing our reading skills and transferring them into our writing, to enable us to become confident readers and writers, ready for the next stage of our learning in Upper Key Stage 2, any help that you can give your child is always greatly appreciated.

Religious Education (RE) at Arden is aimed at develops an understanding of 24 different dispositions, which embrace all religions and recognise the children’s own religious experiences.

To have a successful Year 4, all pupils are encouraged to use ‘Times Table Rockstars’ to help them to practise their times tables and related division facts daily and also to complete their weekly homework related to curriculum learning which their teacher will give them on Fridays, as well as learning their weekly spellings. We would also like to recommend that children read for at least ten minutes daily as this has a significant impact on improving their reading skills.

PE lessons take place on Monday and Wednesday each week so please remember your PE kit so you don’t miss out!

We look forward to developing a strong working relationship with you for the benefit of your child.

Our Learning

Find out more about our learning in Year 4:

Events and Activities

Read about some of the things we've been getting up to:

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Working together and discussing our ideas.
Learning about circuits.

Gravity experiments as part of our studies on Isaac Newton.
Learning about Viking gods.