Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Our vision is to create a happy learning environment in which children make excellent progress in their learning.

Year 3 is an important year for our children. We aim to make sure all children successfully make the transition from Year 2 to become increasing independent and responsible for their own learning.

Children in Year 3 are exposed to a range of topics as part of our creative curriculum. These include Ancient Egypt, Flight Engineers and Robots!

Our children are also lucky enough to learn to swim in Year 3. This is a wonderful experience and one which all children love!

As with any year, working in partnership with our parents and carers is so important if children are to fulfil their potential academically, socially and emotionally. We encourage regular contact with teaching staff and recognise the vital role a strong home-school relationship has.

Religious Education (RE) at Arden is aimed at develops an understanding of 24 different dispositions, which embrace all religions and recognise the children’s own religious experiences.

The teaching staff in Year 3 are Mr Strang (Year Leader), Miss Leckey (Teacher) and Mrs Clowes (Teacher).

Our Learning

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Events and Activities

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We love to read.
Partitioning numbers.

Looking closely!
Sharing our ideas with others.

Parents helping us learn.
Using cubes to help us learn.

Using mod rock.
It is fun working together.