Aims and Values

Our Mission Statement

Arden is a safe and creative environment: a happy, positive, vibrant and forward-thinking community where each child and adult is valued and able to learn, play and achieve.

Our School Aims

At Arden we aim to provide a safe, happy and caring environment where everyone is treated with respect. We aim to encourage good manners and responsibility, promoting a positive attitude to learning by recognising positive behaviour.

Our school aim to provide a curriculum that is broad, well balanced and stimulating, enabling all children to learn regardless of socio-economic background, race, gender or ability.

Although emphasis is placed on the teaching of English and Mathematics and the core skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, we make as many cross-curricular links with other subject areas as possible to create opportunities for skills to be applied in a range of meaningful, engaging contexts which promote a thirst for learning. Our curriculum gives opportunities for children to learn independently and through collaboration, developing well-rounded individuals ready for the next stage in their educational journey.

Arden school believes that positive relationship between school, parents and governors is crucial to supporting learning within and outside the classroom. We have a school community who work together to develop capable, confident and tolerant members of society and we apply strong universal values to everything we do in school.

UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award

In the summer of 2019 Arden Primary School was awarded the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Bronze Award.

This award recognises the wonderful work our school has done to make everyone within our community aware of the rights of children.

At Arden, we work hard to create safe and inspiring places for our children to learn and play. We ensure our pupils are respected and their talents and interests nurtured. For this new academic year, Arden is working hard to achieve the Silver Award. We can’t wait to involve children and parents in our exciting plans. Watch this space.

Our School Values

In September 2005, the pupils in Arden were involved in the democratic process of choosing our School Values.

The children were given 30 values to choose from and asked to complete work to decide which values would fit into the Arden community encompassing all that we hope for. A vote was then completed to identify the top values within each class. These were analysed and the final 22 were presented to the whole school community by class representatives who did a great job at explaining why they had been chosen and how they reflected life at Arden.

All of our values link to our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural learning and are underpinned by Fundamental British Values. These 22 values are explored on a monthly rolling programme on a two-year cycle:

Month Year 1 Year 2
September Respect Hope and Aspirations
October Curiosity (love of learning) Joyfulness
November Perseverance Equality (Unity)
December Humility (Selflessness) Honesty
January Empathy and compassion Trust
February Love Love
March Thankfulness Helpfulness (thinking of others)
April Diversity (Acceptance) Forgiveness
May Liberty and Freedom Citizenship (rule of law/democracy)
June Self-control/patience Courage
July Co-operation and teamwork  Responsibility (including self)

British Values

British Values are promoted through the ethos in Arden School.


We actively promote and model democracy at Arden by:

  • getting children involved in democratic processes e.g. choosing Talk Ambassadors, house logos, class monitors, pupil representatives etc;
  • delivering democracy linked assemblies;
  • having a Creative Friday debating team;
  • regularly giving out questionnaires, pupil interviews etc;
  • teaching pupils to understanding Parliament and British Political History.

Rule of Law

We actively promote and model the rule of law by:

  • sharing the School Behaviour policy – all stakeholders are aware of the policy and it is understood and followed;
  • giving pupils regular opportunities to reflect on their learning, their behaviour etc during assemblies;
  • giving out parent/carers questionnaires relating to behaviour, safety etc;
  • holding assemblies with a focus linked to the law eg. school rules, Parliament etc planned into the assembly timetable;
  • teaching anti-bullying, e-safety and the law.

Individual Liberty

We actively promote and model individual liberty by:

  • supporting individuals to develop their self-esteem, self-knowledge and self-confidence;
  • encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour, as well as knowing their rights;
  • challenge stereotypes;
  • implement a strong anti-bullying culture.

Respect and Tolerance

We actively promote and model respect and tolerance by:

  • modelling positive behaviour;
  • engaging pupils in purposeful and positive play activites with others;
  • demonstating the similarites and celebrating the differences;
  • PSHEE lessons and assemblies;
  • creating opportunities for children to dress up in different clothes and try different foods from other cultures;
  • encouraging parents/carers to participate and support our multi-cultural events;
  • organising visits to places of worship greeting puils in different languages;
  • organising themed Key stage/subject days and special events eg. Red Nose.