Talk Ambassadors

The Arden Talk Ambassadors are a group of pupils from Years 3 to 6 who represent the views of each class. For the second year running, our Talk Ambassadors have been elected by the students.

There are two Ambassadors representing every class. We are called Talk Ambassadors because we realise how important it is to be able to talk clearly and honestly to our peers. We hope to encourage them to share their views on life in school so we can make things better for everyone at Arden.

Our Talk Ambassadors 2019/20.

UNICEF Rights Respecting School

We understand that all children have rights. These rights are enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Talk Ambassadors work hard to ensure other students are aware of their rights and responsibilities under the UNCRC. On a day to day basis, Talk Ambassadors and the wider school community exercise Article 12 – the right to a voice and to be heard and taken seriously.

Important Life-Skills

As a Talk Ambassador, we are learning lots of skills which we will need when we become adults. We are developing our confidence and improving our speaking and listening and public speaking skills.

Recent Activity

Over the last few years the work of the Talk Ambassadors has contributed to:

The design of lunch time menus;

  • The choosing of new books for school;
  • The design of new Year Group Libraries;
  • Improving the way homework is set in school to make it more engaging;
  • Improved health and safety on the playground at break and lunch times;
  • Improvements to the lunchtime dining hall experience;
  • A cleaner outdoor environment through the purchase of bins and highlighting litter issues;
  • A review of tuck sold in the tuck shop to promote healthy snacks and the drinking of water;
  • Promoting good manners across school.

More recently...

  • We designed and conducted a school-wide vote on whether Arden should stop selling plastic water bottles. The result was a resounding ‘Yes’. We banned the sale of plastic bottles in school and produced posters educating and persuading children to seek out environmental alternatives.
  • After speaking with our kitchen team, we managed to get toast reintroduced to breaktime tuck.
  • We have created a new Talk Ambassador logo to accompany our promotional work.

This year...

Since the beginning of the school year (Sept 2019), we have been busy conducting another round of interviews with students about their thoughts and feelings about school life. We hope to use our research findings to develop strategies and projects in the coming year.

If you see us in the playground and have ideas, please speak with us.