Arden Primary School

Every Child, Every Opportunity

SEN Information Report

Hello, for those who don’t know me I am Mrs Lohia and I am the SENCO at Arden Primary School.


My role is to ensure that the children requiring extra support to access the curriculum make progress whilst at Arden. I arrange meetings with multiple outside agencies when necessary so that the best provision can be put into place.


I also arrange frequent training for all staff so that they are able to spot those children in their classes who may require extra help and support. We then work together, staff and parents to assist in the development of your child.


Sometimes the support required may be short term, allowing children to close any gaps in their learning so that they can keep pace with the rest of the class. Whilst other children may require long term support due to their medical, developmental or emotional needs.


I am also a member of the Everybody Matters team, so that I am able to share concerns regarding individual children before they become major issues.


If you have any questions, the list below is designed to help you.