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This page will provide access to certain polices and other documents that are most relevant to our parents.

For further information or to see documents that are not on this page, or to request any information in paper format (free of charge), please contact us at school.

School Policies

Covid-19 Addendums and Related Policies


Registering Children for Nursery Class

Parents can register their children at the school office at any time. The closing date for registering children for Nursery Class places will be displayed on the parents' notice board as soon as the school has been informed.

We need to see the child's birth certificate, medical card and proof of residency at the address given eg. a utilities bill. This does not guarantee a place in the Nursery Class and a place in the Nursery Class does not guarantee a place in the school. The priorities are decided by the Local Authority.

Registering for Reception Class/All Classes

In September 2004, Birmingham City Council altered the procedure for applying for Reception Class places in all the city's primary schools. The Education Department now manages the allocation of places and Arden Primary School will follow these procedures. All parents will receive an application form and an information book called 'How to Start Your Child at School in Birmingham' some time during the September before a child is due to start school.

The priorities for Reception Class and Nursery Class places are decided by Birmingham Education Authority. They are:

  • Children with special needs (as decided by LEA).
  • Brothers or sisters already in school.
  • Closeness of home to school.

Children seeking a place from Year 1 to 6 need to refer directly to the school and register interest. We need to see the birth certificate, medical card and proof of residency at the address given eg. a utilities bill.

If you have any questions please either contact the school office or visit the Birmingham School Admissions website.

Other Documents

Financial Information

View our school's financial data on the government's Schools Financial Benchmarking website, and see how it compares with other similar schools and establishments:

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