Parents in School

At Arden School we feel that a partnership with parents is essential for the development and progress of the children.

Parents' Evenings

There are three Parents’ Afternoons / Evenings during the school year. These meetings are usually in October, February and July.

Parents can talk to the teachers about their children’s progress. Parents can also talk to staff about children after school, when all teachers bring their class to the playground. However if parents think that they will need more than a few minutes, it is best to make an appointment so that staff can give parents their full attention.

At Arden we always want to deal with questions as soon as possible. Mr Khan, a teacher and the Head or Deputy are always available in the playground every morning and home time.

Parents at Class Assemblies

Parents are always welcome to see their children performing their class assemblies. It is important for the children too. Starting in Summer 2018, class assemblies will be on Wednesday at 9am in the school hall. You will be told when your children are performing.

Please do not film children on your mobile phone as some parents have requested that their children are not filmed. It is filmed by staff and is available online.

Parents in the Classroom

Teachers always welcome parents’ support in the classroom. If you have special skills to share or time to spare, please call at the school office. However, you will not be able to start until we have a police check DBS certificate.

Parent Reading Workshops

Periodically, we hold parent reading workshops across the school, where parents from each year group were invited to come and read with their child. Parents are offered help and advice to help their children become fluent readers. Parents are taught the skills needed for reading so that they can encourage and help their children at home.



Arden Primary School has been involved with Mosaic for several years now and have thoroughly enjoyed it that we have signed up for it again in Spring 2018.

Our mums and daughters have found this an enjoyable, exciting and inspiring programme, which has brought them closer together as mother and daughter. It has also given mums the understanding and confidence to support their daughters in achieving their aspirations in life.

The mums have said they enjoyed working with the school, supporting their daughters, making new friends and feeling active in their learning. The daughters in turn have told me they loved having quality time with their mums, thinking and engaging in ideas and discussions, being treated in a grown up way and thinking about their futures.

At Arden we have been very fortunate to have such friendly, dedicated, committed, hardworking mentors who have had a passion to making a difference to our mums and daughters. The relationships they developed with our mums and daughters were excellent and natural. We couldn't have done it without them.

We are very proud of everything the mums and daughters have achieved during the programme. One of the most memorable parts of the programme was when we invited into school a local professional female cricketer Salma Bi to come in and set up a game of cricket for our mums, girls, mentors and staff. It was a fantastic afternoon and everyone enjoyed it so much that the mums are keen to set up their own cricket team now!

As a school we are looking into other avenues of how we can continue this focussed work with mums and girls and extend their enthusiasm even more.

We felt honoured for Arden to be asked to represent the Primary Schools on Mosaic for Birmingham. We were extremely proud of the mums and daughters who spoke at the end of year celebration, this was very brave and courageous but they had developed the confidence over the Mosaic programme to fulfil this event.

Our Arden girls are now the front cover for the Mosaic booklets used by all schools this year. Well done Arden!