On this page you can meet the friendly people who work at our school.

The pictures below were drawn by some of our talented pupils. If you'd like to see what the staff really look like, just hover over each picture with your mouse.

Mrs Shergill
by Khadiyah

Mr Sheehan
by Mahajeka

Mrs Fox
by Afiyah

Mr Morris
by Bilal

Miss Afzal
by Maram

Mrs Ahmed
by Kareema

Mrs S Ali
by Haleeka

Mr W Ali
by Muhammad

Mrs Arif
by Hunzala

Mr Banner
by Sana

Mrs J Begum
by Inaiya

Mrs Bradley
by Tacy

Mr Brown
by Ismael

Mr Bullock
by Musa

Ms Butt
by Muhammad

Miss Choudhury
by Fiza

Mr Conway
by Mohamed

Mrs Couldrey
by Tasnim

Miss Ijaz
by Safiah

Mr Jackson
by Daween

Mrs Kadri
by Mohammad

Mrs Lohia
by Hunya

Miss Mungovan
by Saarah

Mrs Owen
by Mahnoor

Mrs Petrie
by Inaiya

Mrs Preston
by Amnah

Mr Whatley
by Hajrah

Mr Khan
by Khalid

Mrs Ryan
by Mrs Fox

Mrs Afsar
by Laiba

Mrs Y Ali
by Sana

Mr Aziz
by Muzakel

Mr Corcoran
by Inayah

Mr Bates
by Hajid

Mr Tibbitts
by Bilal

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibilities
Mrs G Shergill Headteacher
Mr M Sheehan Deputy Headteacher
Mrs S Fox Assistant Head, Phase Leader, Safeguarding Lead, Teacher (Year 5)
Mr D Morris Assistant Head, Phase Leader, DSL, Attendance, Teacher
Miss M Afzal Teacher (Year 4)
Mrs H Ahmed Teacher (Year 3)
Mrs S Ali Teacher (Year 5)
Mr W Ali Teacher (Reception), Science
Mrs J Arif Teacher (Reception)
Mr A Banner Teacher (Year 4), Assessment, Data, Website
Mrs J Begum Teacher (Year 1)
Mrs S Bradley Teacher, SENCO, DSL
Mr C Brown Teacher, ICT
Mr C Bullock Teacher (Year 2)
Ms S Butt Teacher (Year 1), PSHE/Citizenship
Miss S Choudhury Teacher (Year 6)
Mr R Conway Teacher (Year 5), Expressive Arts
Mrs E Couldrey Teacher (Nursery), Religious Education
Mr M Hussain Teacher (Year 3)
Miss R Ijaz Teacher (Year 2)
Mr S Jackson Teacher (Year 6)
Mrs A Kadri Teacher (Year 5), Unicef Lead
Mr J Leigh Teacher (Year 4)
Mrs S Lohia Teacher (Year 6), Mathematics Lead
Mr B Mughal Teacher (Year 3)
Miss C Mungovan Teacher (Year 6), English Lead
Mrs G Owen Teacher, PE Coordinator
Mrs L Petrie Teacher (Reception)
Mrs H Preston Teacher (Year 2), Assemblies Coordinator
Mr S Whatley Teacher (Year 2)
Mr P Khan Learning Mentor, Parent Link
Mrs H Ryan Senior Secretary
Mrs S Afsar Attendance and Admissions
Mrs Y Ali Receptionist
Mr P Aziz Network Manager
Mr J Corcoran Site Manager
Mr L  Bates HLTA (Drama, PE)
Miss N Kouser HLTA
Mr J Tibbitts HTLA (Music, PE)
Mrs G Ahmed Teaching Assistant, Work Experience Placement
Mr S Ahmed Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Begum Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Begum Teaching Assistant
Miss S Begum Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Bi Teaching Assistant, Medical
Mrs S Butt Teaching Assistant
Miss D Hall Teaching Assistant, Medical
Mrs S Hamid Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Hodges Teaching Assistant, Display, Resources
Mrs F Hussain Teaching Assistant, Learning Mentor
Mrs S Hussain Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Iqbal Teaching Assistant
Miss S Kauser Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Kauser Teaching Assistant
Mr S Miah Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Parveen Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Parveen Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Sabanathan Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Shah Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Bi Teaching Assistant
Miss E Beacon Inclusion Assistant
Miss D Dandy Inclusion Assistant
Mrs B Kaur Cleaner
Mrs P Kaur Cleaner
Mrs K Kaur Cleaner
Mrs S Nasim Cleaner, Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Devlin Head Cook
Mrs R Khan Kitchen Assistant
Mrs F Earley Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Hindmarsh Deputy Cook
Mrs S Kaur Kitchen Assistant
Mrs N Akhtar Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Smith Deputy Cook
Mrs J Sanders Housekeeper
Mrs Y Akhtar Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Hussein Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Akhtar Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Akhtar Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Ali Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Bahra Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs R Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms D Khan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Hussain Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs D Khan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Khan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs H Khatun Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Kouser Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Patel Lunchtime Supervisor