In the Community

Arden is at the heart of our local community. Our aim is for all rooms in our building to be used every day of the year - in school hours, before and after school, at weekends and in holidays - to provide services for the community.

Already there are lots of activities here:

  • One successful English Class run by a volunteer teacher.
  • Dressmaking classes.
  • Cooking classes (Gup Shup and Chai).
  • Children's Arabic (Quran).
  • Adult Arabic classes (Saturdays).

In the near future the following are hoping to be added:

  • Healthy Cooking Sessions.
  • Zumba (Ladies).
  • Basic Mehndi course.

Most of these activities will have a small fee to ensure the space can stay open, as we have limited funding.

If you have any ideas or interest in coming to activities or hiring the space at very competitive rates, please contact Mrs R Rana (Monday to Wednesday) at The Arch on 0121 771 4985.

Adult Learning

We provide Basic English classes to parents in the community.

Another well-established adult class is textiles and clothes making. The participants often proceed from the class to sew for the family from home.

Health and Fitness classes to start soon. This will enable parents recognise this as a stepping stone for them. Again, they often progress and feel confident enough to attend the local gym as a result.

A group of parents share each other's skills for two hours each week, such as cooking (Arab/Yemeni/Chinese/Asian/Kurdish cuisine), embroidery and henna designing at present.

If you have any other skills or ideas to share with our community or want to join any of the above please contact Mrs Rana.


Family Learning

This year Family Learning has begun with parents of year 1 children called 'Keeping up with the Children'. Reception parents will be able to take part in a 'Positive Parenting Programme.'

Parents and children benefit from visiting and working with their children at school in a fun environment. They then feel confident enough to take on the responsibility and support their child with their education. Often Adult Learning and Family Learning go together.

Links with Secondary Feeder Schools

Arden has strong links with a number of feeder secondary schools to which our children move on in Year 7. These schools run regular enrichment events from which Arden pupils greatly benefit.

King Edward VI School, Edgbaston

For the last few years, in the last week of the Summer term, children from Year 4 have had the opportunity to attend the King Edward VI Summer School in Edgbaston.

Part of King Edward’s Outreach Programme, it gives pupils from over 50 primary schools in Birmingham the chance to take part in Latin, Biology, Chemistry and History lessons, and to participate in sport and drama in facilities which are not available to them in a primary school setting.

The pupils’ parents are encouraged to visit the school on the last day to attend a celebration of their work and a prize-giving.

The inspiring teachers at King Edward are supported by enthusiastic Year 11 and Year 12 mentors, many of whom have come from disadvantaged backgrounds and have gained scholarship places at King Edwards.

It is hoped that our pupils will be sufficiently inspired by the experience to consider applying for assisted scholarship places at the school or will apply to the grammar schools which are part of the King Edward VI Foundation.

Moseley Secondary School

Moseley Secondary School regularly hosts enrichment opportunities for Arden pupils, covering Drama, Maths, English, Science and PE.

For example, earlier this year thirty Year 5 children took part in a Science curriculum enrichment programme during which they learned about chemical reactions and conducted their own experiments using equipment such as Bunsen burners that they would not normally have access to.

Children from Arden have attended their annual More Able Conference initiative.

Swanshurst Girls School

Girls from Arden participate in after-school activities taking part in Marvellous Monday, taking place as it does on a Monday after school.

Girls with talents in Drama, Art, Music, Maths, English and Science enjoy specially-tailored workshops at Swanshurst over three to four weeks which enable them to broaden their knowledge and understanding and work with other primary school pupils, developing self-confidence and important social skills.