At Arden we aim to provide a wide range of extracurricular activities for children to participate in. Many of the clubs are created in response to children’s interests and needs and thus they change and develop throughout the year.

Badminton Club

Aimed at pupils in Years 3 to 6 to learn the basic skills of the very popular sport badminton. The after school sessions is popular with pupils who enjoys social sport with lots of fun and some competitive play.

Fun Basketball

A club designed to introduce pupils to the basic skills and rules of the game. There is lots of opportunity to work in small sided games and learn the importance of being part of a team. In addition to learning the key concepts of basketball there is also a chance to have a good physical workout.

Squad Basketball

This session is aimed at those pupils who wish to gain a better understanding of the skills and tactics used in basketball. Pupils are selected to attend this training and work together to create a team which represent the school in the local Basketball League. Squad sessions take place on one morning before school and one session after school.

Board Games/Construction

This club is for pupils in Years 1 and 2 and provides them with the opportunity to learn and play popular board games such as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Guess Who. Pupils can also work individually or in small groups to build with Lego and other construction materials. This is a great introduction to afterschool clubs for our younger pupils and allows the development of social and creative skills.

Fun Cricket

This session is open to KS2 and is a chance for those who wish to develop their skills and interest in the sport through small sided games and fun drills and activities. The focus is on learning and having fun and getting the children to develop their technique and understanding at their own pace.

Cricket G&T

The gifted and talented cricket is for selected pupils and the session is run by a coach from Warwickshire cricket. The aim of the session is to allow the most able pupils to gain specialist coaching so that they are prepared for competition and can be directed into clubs in the local community. The training takes place one day after school.

Dodgeball Club

The school runs two dodgeball clubs one for Key Stage 1 pupils and the other for Key Stage 2. The sport is very popular, and pupils enjoy learning new skills and tactics whilst having lots of fun.

Drama Club

Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 are invited to join Drama club if they have shown interest and talent in their class lessons. At the club pupils develops the skills and confidence and work on various pieces which are shared through termly celebration performances.

Fizz Pop Science

Every Monday after school we have a science work shop that runs for an hour. During this time the children extend their science knowledge and have the opportunity to take part in exciting and fun experiments. They also get the chance to design and make objects to test their scienctific theory. We have made things such as rockets and slime.


Fun Football

This club is aimed at a wide range of pupils and provides the opportunity to play small sided football games against their peers. This club supports children with developing their skills and understanding of the sport and many will progress from here to the school teams.

Girls' Football

A club for girls in Year 3 to 6. The aim of the club is to develop competence in basic football skills and knowledge and understanding of the game. The girls attending this club will have the opportunity to represent the school in matches against other schools.

Squad Football

These sessions are aimed at selected pupils who show potential in football. Sessions are run for both boys and girls and aim to equip them with the skills and games understanding for competition. The school enters the Greet Mini League which provides the squad members with regular opportunities for competitive play. Training for the squads take place before and after school on day a week.

Fun Fitness

The aim of this club is to provide pupils in Years 1 and 2 with lots of opportunity for high energy activity. Pupils take part in lots of small based games where they are encouraged to develop both their skills and stamina.

Guitar Club

This club is available for selected pupils who have been identified as having potential in music through their class lessons. The small group have a weekly sessions and aim to develop skills and the ability to perform pieces as solos and small groups.

Indoor Sports

This club targets the pupils in Years 1 and 2 and aims to help develop their fundamental sporting skills through a range of simple indoor games. Activities covered vary throughout the year and are directed by pupil’s interest and learning needs. In addition to being active the pupils learn about competition and team work which will be vital if they want to play team sports in the future..

Girls Indoor Sports

This club is aimed at girls in Year 3-6 and aims to provide them with the opportunity to experience a range of indoor sports. Many activities are covered during the year ranging from Boccia, Basketball, Curling, Dodgeball or Dance. The main aim of the club is to engage in sport and have fun.

Multi Sports

The school runs two multi sports clubs one for KS1 and the other for KS2. The clubs are very popular with children who enjoy sport but would like the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports rather than focusing on the same sport each week. The session tend to focus on small -sided games of popular team sports, but there is a chance to try new activities such as curling, boccia and team challenges.


A club to allow pupils in Year 4 to 6 to develop their skills in Yoga from breathing activities to learning traditional poses. The sessions also allow the development of creative skills as the students use Yoga cards to develop and tell their own stories through movement.